May 20

May 20, 2017
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Sheraton Tampa East Hotel

 10221 Princess Palm Ave, Tampa 33610

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Have you been sitting on the sidelines wondering if podcasting is a good fit for your business?

If done correctly, hosting your podcast might be the best thing you can do.  What other medium allows you to speak to a larger audience than will fit into an NFL stadium - without ever getting on an airplane?

Podcasting is growing faster than ever, and its golden years are still on the horizon. Still, most podcasters don't understand how to leverage its unique power to communicate with their perfect customer to create a substantial ROI.

During this session, Scott Smith will share the secrets that have kept him at the top of the podcast game for over ten years profitably, including:

  • The rag-tag history of podcasting, why it hasn’t changed much, and why you must keep it simple.
  • Why you should NOT call yourself a podcaster. Ever.
  • How to properly combine storytelling, promotion, and sales into a powerful message that moves your audience to action.
  • The age-old formula used by ad agencies that you must incorporate into your podcast.
  • How to integrate the “Hero’s” journey into your podcast.  Hint:  It always stops at Act 1.  Learn where to take your listener for Act 2 and Act 3.
  • The many reasons, most of which you will ignore, that you shouldn’t EVER do a podcast.
  • Why you should do a podcast, and do it quickly, efficiently, and have a lot of fun.
  • Most podcasts don’t make any money and “Pod-Fade”.  You'll learn how to monetize, where big money lives, and how to use the power of Podcast Persuasion driving automated income streams.
  • Stop worrying about the tech.  Set it and forget it, harness the magic of batch producing, and automate your distribution.

Get ready! Scott is a flat-out expert at the “Podcast For Business” model.  He is a fast-talking and passionate subject matter expert who will show you exactly how the big boys of podcasting create success.


Meeting Event

Harnessing The Persuasive Power

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