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Speakers' Academy Information Center

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Registrations are now open for our 2014-2015 Speakers' Academy!


The Academy meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month (excluding December and July). You will attend the Chapter meeting from 8:30 am to 12:30 p.m., and Academy Only sessions from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for a full day of the best, clear and concise tips and tools to start or enhance your speaking/writing career!

Carolyn Quintin

For more Academy information, please contact Carolyn Quintin
at (727) 692-4467 or carolynquintin@gmail.com


Welcome to the Speaker’s Academy. (Click to read more then click to close)

Welcome to the Speaker’s Academy Information Center!

Do you have the desire to make a difference in someone’s life?

Do you have the desire to make a difference in YOUR life?

Do you want to become a Professional Speaker?

The Speakers Academy is an opportunity for you to accelerate the learning curve to becoming a successful Professional Speaker.

 Learning opportunities…

  • National Speakers Association: Who we are and why this link is the key to your success
  • Chart your own course for speaking success based on your unique goals and aspirations
  • Develop the four core competencies of the professional speaker
  • Gain powerful and practical insights from professional speakers who are practicing what you are learning
  • Learn how to adapt your speaking skills to the strong currents of change dominating the speaking and training environment
  • Build lasting relationships with other Academy attendees, NSA Chapter members, and guest speakers.


So, What is Your Investment?

BEFORE Aug. 1st — Non-Member: $1095 PAID IN FULL OR divided into three monthly payments of $390, $352.50, $352.50 WITH FIRST PAYMENT MADE BY AUG. 1st

AFTER Aug. 1st — Non-Member: 1195 PAID IN FULL OR divided into three monthly payments of $390, $402.50, $402.50

BEFORE Aug. 1st — MEMBER: $895 PAID IN FULL OR divided into three monthly payments of $390, $252.50, $252.50 WITH FIRST PAYMENT MADE BY AUG1st

AFTER Aug. 1st — MEMBER: $995 PAID IN FULL OR divided into three monthly payments of $390, $302.50, $302.50

Testimonials (Click to read more then click to close)


Take a look at what the 2011-12 Academy Members have to say…


“I'm learning to position myself as a professional speaker--quite a different mindset than how I approached my speaking previously. This includes my presentation style, setting fees, promoting my speaking, developing a signature speech, and so much more. Plus, I get to mix and mingle with some of the best speakers in the country! The mentors and guides along the way are fantastic. It's a great opportunity to grow! I love the high energy of this group.”

— Kathleen M. Rehl, Ph.D., CFP®
Academy Member 2011-12
Author, “Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook for Widows”


“I now know how to create a profitable and successful speaking business because of what I learned from the Speakers’ Academy.”

— Jenny Olding
2011-12 Academy Member


“I realize that making better business decisions and how to best use my time have come from what I’ve learned in the Speakers’ Academy. I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn next!”

— Holly Thomas
2011-12 Academy Member


“The Academy has helped my business grow from just thoughts in my head to something I can now put on paper and build. I don’t know where I’d be without it.”

— Rachael Avery
2011-12 Academy Member


“I knew I could speak reasonably well, but I didn’t know much about the business side of professional speaking. Because of the Academy, I’ve learned more than I ever imagined.”

— Jordan Camenker
2011-12 Academy Member


“The Academy has been an absolute wellspring for me. It has taught me a step-by-step method of how to get paid for professional speaking.”

— Carson Schaffer
2011-12 Academy Member

Six Ways to Get Started Today! (Click to read more then click to close)

  1. Check Out the “Member Articles” page on our web site. Here you will find Articles you can use to spark your imagination, structure your back-office, and refine your approach to the speaking business.

  2. Check Out the “Find A Speaker”page on our web site, and click on the “Topic” tab. Here you will see that we have a variety of experts in our Chapter who speak on the very things you may need to gain insight on. Use the contact information to get their websites. Often our members put tools, tips, links and advice right on their site, specific to their subject matter expertise. It is like having a virtual library just in time for the topic with which you need help.

  3. Check Out the “Links and Resource” page on web site and click on “Resources for Speakers”. Here you will find templates you can download to get organized in your office and with your clients.

  4. Come to the Meetings! You can register right now for the next meeting, by going to our Online Store. What you should expect to get from the meeting is practical, real-world advice from people in the field who know what they are talking about – because it is working for them. If you come with a pad of paper and a pen and take notes, you will leave with valuable information you can use to improve your speaking business.

  5. Become a Professional Member or a Chapter Associate, and gain access to the Learning Library. One advantage of being a Professional Member or a Chapter Associate is having access to our Learning Library. Our Chapter ensures that we have on hand, a comprehensive collection of recordings of all presentations at the National Convention each year. The CDs date from 2002 all the way up to the present. This valuable benefit allows you to check out a collection of CDs to listen and learn from each month.

  6. Register for the Speakers’ Academy through our online store, fill out an application in Microsoft Word format, or an application in PDF format and e-mail it to us at carolynquintin@gmail.com.

Welcome! We look forward to the opportunity of supporting you through our Speaker’s Academy, and throughout your professional speaker career.


“The NSA Speakers’ Academy saved 5 years off of my learning curve. If you are a dabbler, this is not for you. However, if you are serious about becoming a professional, this is the next step for you. Don't over think it. As Nike says ‘just do it.’”

Ed Tate, Certified Speaking Professional
World Champion of Public Speaking

What is the NSA-Central Florida Speakers' Academy? (Click to read more then click to close)

What if you could be a part of an elite group that would be with you while your career blossomed? Would you be willing to put forth a little effort? Would you be willing to reap the benefits?

Whether you are a beginning speaker, a moderately busy speaker, or the speaker who travels the globe selectively choosing clients from the many requests, wouldn't you like to take your career to that next level? Listed are a few of the many benefits of the Speaker’s Academy:

~ Learn how to get the clients that you want.
~ Get a grasp on the power of your speaking voice and the damage you may be doing to it.
~ Learn how to keep the customers you have once you have them.
~ Practice new topic formulation and development with your own private brainstorming session.
~ Learn how to negotiate a better fee and wiggle out of tight budget objections.
~ Market yourself to market over and over and over again AND on the Internet.
~ Learn how to run a business out of your office, or your closet, in an organized, professional manner.

The NSA-CF Speaker’s Academy isn't just a foot in the door; it's a hand up, a mentor, a mini-mastermind, your own private network, a training class, a practice session, and the key to building your speaking business to the level you desire.


"The NSA-Central Florida Speakers’ Academy has been one of the most effective programs I have ever seen for both new and experienced professional speakers. Not only do participants get excellent instruction on how to build a meaningful and profitable speaking business from successful professionals, they experience the power of reinforcement from their colleagues as they progress. I wish I had had the opportunity to participate in such a program when I was starting out. It would have cut years off my learning curve."

— George Morrisey
Certified Speaking Professional
Council of Peers Award for Excellence (Speaker Hall of Fame)
1994 Cavett Award Recipient

The Curriculum Includes (Click to read more then click to close)

The listing below is simply a snapshot of a Sample Curriculum, focused on helping you develop in each of the 4 NSA Competencies. While the 2014-2015 Curriculum is not fully completed as yet, if you wish to see the Stars of the Academy Faculty who participated in one of our previous Academy schedules, please click here.

We are proud of the value our Academy can bring to your speaking career.  By checking out the current year’s plan we think you too will see the value ahead.


  • Positioning & Branding: Identifying Your Market Position and Developing Your Brand
  • Identifying Your Features & Benefits – How to Build Your Business in One Minute or Less
  • From Flyers to Evaluations – Creating Profitable One Sheets
  • How to Strategically Plan Your Business as a Professional Speaker
  • Speak + Record + Post = Profit; Live product creation workshop
  • Working through the logistics of creating Videos, CD’s, Packaging, Storage and Shipping
  • Interactive Research: Getting to the Decision-Makers Who Need What You’ve Got
  • Preparing for the NSA Platform


  • The Reality of Running A Business – Understanding the Financials of Your Business
  • Preparing to Make Your Sales – Planning For, Pitching To and Managing Your clients
  • Generational Product Development: How to create Generational Revenue Streams from 1 Main Source.
  • Whole Brain Prospecting & Marketing – Do you Speak the Way they Think?
  • How to Plan for 60 Days of Marketing
  • PR and Promotions – What articles and agents can do for you
  • Writing and Submitting Your Articles: How to Test your Topics and Get Them In the Editors Door
  • Setting Up Your Shop: Tips, Templates and Other Resources That Will Save You Time and Effort
  • Marketing Material Show US and We’ll Tell You What Your Prospects Might Think


  • Presenting Your Personal Image by Putting your Best Foot Forward
  • Creating An Effective Presentation: How to Create an Engaging Presentation for All Your Audience Members
  • Stand and Deliver Workshops: 60 seconds of Feedback That Could Change the Way You Deliver


  • Managing Your Head While Running the Biz
  • Getting to the Heart of What you do through Training?  Writing? Coaching? Speaking?  Consulting?

Contacts, Academy Location and Directions (Click to read more then click to close)


Please address any questions about our 2014-2015 Academy to,
Carolyn Quintin at
carolynquintin@gmail.com or (727) 692-4467             


Academy Location and Directions

The Speaker’s Academy will meet at:
Sheraton (Formerly Crowne Plaza Tampa East)
10221 Princess Palm Avenue
Tampa, FL 33610

Located off I-75 at MLK Blvd.
From I-75 N, exit 260b, over bridge, hotel on left inside business park.
From I-75 S, exit 260, bear right, immediate left into business park and hotel.

Meeting Location Map